Lockdown Experiences in Kitchen

Lockdown experiences in Kitchen trying new recipes

Hi There!

Hi, I am Naira, the cook & traveler behind this little blog. I’ve grown up in the kitchen alongside my mum & sisters experimenting with my mother’s recipe, but it was during lockdown that, I started actually cooking with my mother (who is a MasterChef) and discovered that I actually have a knack for cooking, trying different recipes in the kitchen & my father & husband were our guinea pigs, So every recipe that is posted on this website is tried and tested.

Food & especially Good Food has been really important for me and my family, we are always looking forward to our next meal, Conversations in my family are always about the next meal and trust me no meals are plain basic, even the Pizza is made from scratch!!

I’ve picked up this love for food along the way, and with this blog, I share my food story with you.

I started with small experiments and usually, I remember the tastes of each and every dish I try be it at home, a restaurant, or some plan abroad. During Lockdown I tried multiple international cuisines alongside some basic regular ones too, to name a few Koshery (Egypt) , Pide (Istanbul), Pizza (Italy), Khoa Suey ( Burmese), Scottish cookies, Biryani, Dal Khichdi.. well I will keep adding to the list here as I am still exploring the newfound love for cooking

I wish to share as many recipes as possible and make the cooking experience easy and simple for new and budding cooks trying to cook a treat for families, as in these tough times it’s difficult to order food from restaurants. My mother being a Jain I have experimented with Jain dishes too, which I will be posting as frequently as possible.

We all want to cook that good meal and see that smile on our loved ones face

Happy Cooking!!!



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